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Hedge maintenance services in Chelmsford

Whilst it adds beauty to your property, your hedge is also the thing that cordons off your property and gives you some privacy. It's a beautiful thing to have. However, if it grows out of control, it can be difficult to manage, but don't worry. There's help, and it's right here in Chelmsford.


Alder Tree Services provides hedge maintenance services to help you get the most from your hedge.

Our hedge maintenance services include:

What about your trees?

• Hedge trimming

• Hedge cutting

• Hedge shaping (and re-shaping)

• Hedge reduction

• Hedge restoration

• Hedge laying

There's so much we can do for your grounds. In addition to helping you manage your hedge, we provide a broad range of tree services to help you look after the tress on your property. This includes crown reduction, tree removal, stump grinding and more.


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Get the most from your hedge - reduce it, restore it or turn it into a completely new shape. Alder Tree Services can do all of these for you and more.